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Veneer gift of Nature to Furniture

Namaste, Sat Shri Akal, Aadab, Good Morning friends!!

Today I am so excited to share information about product of my interest #naturalVeneer.

Natural veneer is 💓of all furniture because it gives premium and stunning look & thus make customers happy☺️. I am going to share my experience regarding guidelines for selection and buying of veneers.

Many of us are brand conscious & we trust good brand only but the fact which I am sharing with you will help you in choosing good material.

First of all Natural goods should be purchased on choice basis not on brand basis.

Do check weight of Veneer sheet because maximum brand claim that they use waterproof *gurjan ply base* but reality is different. If Original gurjan base ply is used then weight of one Veneer should be between 8kg to 9 kg of 8 x 4 size sheet.

Few brands, vendors & marketing executives claims that their decorative Veneer face thickness is 0.5 mm to 0.8mm. This is correct but particularly for few species not for all veneer species. So be careful because this totally depends on wood quality (usually few common species thickness starts from .015 mm, .02 mm & goes on). If you want to check defect on Veneer then apply water on sheet & see in natural Sunlight. I hope this information will help you.

Your Suggestions & Feedback is valuable.

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